Nov 9, 2011

7 reasons why HR is ignored

I follow and participate a LinkedIn-group called Human Resources Professionals Worldwide. There was an interesting discussion on why some organizations ignore the strategic importance of their HR function. This is an issue I have preached about on so many occasions myself, that I simply could not ignore the discussion that went on. 
If you as an HR professional have ever wondered about this, here's a summary of what my peer group members responded:
  1. Traditionally HR functions fail to recognize the strategic importance of their role and focus on hire, fire and discipline - in other words put the fire down
  2. HR are not taking risks & stepping forward
  3. HR lack line orientation; i.e customer focus. Our customers are CEO and top down
  4. HR is not playing a significant role in getting the organization to where it is; not showing credibility, not being respected as a professional, lacks politics
  5. HR is not demonstrating how it solves people related problems
  6. HR is not selling it's services nor the importance of it's services
  7. Most people who work in HR is not interested in "creating waves"
If you want to follow up on this conversation, you have to join the group Human Resources Professionals Worldwide on LinkedIn.

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