Mar 14, 2012

I demand better editorial content in the job adverts' section!

I read job adverts. It's a work related hobby. Most of the times I don't really pay attention to what they're seeking but to what they say they are offering. What strikes me is that there's really no difference in the offering. Very seldom the advert works as an advert and actually tries to convince the audience to change behavior. In other words become so much as interested (particularly in this amazing company) to lift a finger and press enter to the job application.

I give you few examples from this morning:

1. Finnish insurance company, sales position: "We offer you challenging work in a forward thinking organization. In addition to your monthly salary we offer a result based provision, support of our organization and training to your tasks."

(I don't see anything in the advert to support the "forward going" and knowing the company, I think they are just as any other insurance company on the market.)

2. Finnish media company, marketing planner: "We offer you a challenging and interesting position and wide range of opportunities to further your skills. Our professional and motivated team will support you in your position."

3. Finnish media company, business controller: Umm, they only write what they require and expect from the candidate.

Let's take a 4th just out of curiosity.

4. Internationally operating logistics and whole sale company, CFO: "We offer you a key position within (wide range of sectors), motivated and modern work environment and benefits matching your experience."

The serious problems with job advertising today are the clinical approach of one fits all companies and the mentality where an employer stills feels his right to request and expect a hell of a lot without bothering to think what to give in return.

In my previous blog post (in Finnish, sorry) I talked about the issue of recognizing the competitive advantage, the sales argumentation of why anyone should want to work for your company and letting them know! This refers back to that.

I've been reading job adverts for over a decade out of curiosity and not much has changed during this time. Every time there is a fresh breath of air, I salute. In this same daily there is an advert from the publisher. One page (ok, they don't have to pay for it), header asking kindly "Could we offer you one of the best workplaces?" and a nice copy to it. Half way there. But still finishing it off with: "We offer you a position among the media professionals and a great opportunity to develop your knowledge." Umph? Why kill the great start?

I complain because:
  1. I seriously want companies to win great candidates
  2. I know changing the mentality works just to do this. We do it for our customers daily with great results.
  3. I'm bored. I want to see better editorial content in the job adverts' section.


Yes, this is me way back ago.
This communicates very well the unique culture
of the company I worked at the time. Be proud of
who you are as an employer and let it show!

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